Do you remember how we decided to stay in and have a little MDMA party on our own one New Years Eve? I vaguely remember us writing down some new year’s resolutions together after we had finished taking selfies of ourselves. This was also the new year where I had a semi-nervous breakdown afterwards and moved out of my flat for a week.

Roll on the next New Year’s Eve and we both stayed home and instead decided to meet on New Year’s Day for a refreshing walk. We never did the walk. I think we wrote our new years resolutions whilst sat on my bed but seeing as I can’t remember them, I will assume I didn’t keep to mine.

This year I worked during the day and was asleep by 10pm. I missed our traditional “anti” New Years Eve celebrations spent together (remember the one in 2015) but I inadvertently carried on this tradition on my own by doing fuck all and writing down my resolutions for the new year. It was obviously far less bougie without you there but I thought modelling underwear on my own whilst high on MDMA was tragic even by my standards.

So without further a do here’s my resolutions I came up with for 2019 and the ones with lines through are the ones I have failed decided against continuing.

  1. Don’t text Tony when drunk…or sober for that matter
  2. Delete Tony’s number so the above is more difficult
  3. Don’t put Tony’s number on a piece of paper and hide it in my room for “emergencies”
  4. Don’t drink alcohol after work unless meeting friends
  5. Brush my teeth at night
  6. Start exercising
  7. Don’t seek/value the attention of drunk males in clubs
  8. Don’t sleep with above said males unless your sure you wont regret it in the morning
  9. Embrace my minge hair
  10. Don’t feel shit about myself if I decide to do the opposite of all the above

Some of these might sound like Deja vu. I’m starting to think that maybe there’s nothing wrong with getting wasted, worrying I have made a fool of myself, sleeping with men I don’t fancy, regretting it all in the morning, worrying about STDs and spending the rest of the week trying to forget it. Because when I look back its never as bad as it seemed at the time and the bad nights out are all overshadowed by the good ones which have been some of the best nights of my life.